Budweiser - The Climate Can
Mediums - Activation, Product Design 
[Fall 2020]


Note: This Is From The Young One’s Brief. I Chose To Work On Budweiser, Who Has The Goal Of Furthering Their Climate Initiatives & Conncecting With Younger Audiences.


In 2020, people need to see things for what they really are. Proof of climate change is everywhere and for some reason, we carry on as always as if our Great American way of life will just sustain itself after centuries of maltreatment. Budweiser, aka, The Great American Lager has always attached itself at the hip to Great American practices and phenomena but what if our cans and packaging mirrored a Great American problem?

What if we helped to solve that problem?

In this project, we’ll leverage our brand’s green initiatives in order to create an activation which revolves around a product innovation - the temporary redesign of our cans and boxes. We’ll use thermochromic inks to create bottle and can designs which remind drinkers that things are heating up, that global warming is real, that our Great American way of life is at risk, and that global warming is avoidable if we can just cool things down. For the first time, we’ll put this thermochromic ink technology to use with real meaning and become top of mind for our use of color-changing cans.