Ad Council - Love Has No Labels
Team - Elin L. , Rachel C. , Pauly S.
Social Good [August 2020]
Mediums - Digital, Earned, Print


During the Havas Outernship we were briefed by the Ad Council and tasked with creating an extension for the Love Has No Labels Campaign. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and inspire action for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Our key insight was that by the age of 12, a person is pretty much already set in their beliefs.. So that got us thinking.. Maybe we should start targeting people earlier in their lives... Maybe what we really need to start doing is talking to children first and teaching parents vicariously. 

By using one of the oldest, most effective and most powerful forms of communication known to man, we were able to create a highly scalable campaign that’s perfect for our times... Introducing Bedtime Stories By Love Has No Labels.


The Bedtime Stories App

The Stories

Instagram Integration 
In order to make the stories more readily available, we’ll post them on instagram as well. The motion graphics will be used in a reduced capacity to make sure that we’ll still drive people to a more premium version of the stories on the app. 


In addition to creating the stories, app, and IG integration we set out to create the first, best, and biggest bookclub of it’s kind...