The Shed
Mediums - AR, Print, Digital 
[Summer 2019 - Updated Fall 2020]


Whether you like to believe it or not, you’re all critics. That’s why you’re here and it’s a GOOD thing. By prompting people to critique, they’re allowed to be creative, reveal their identities to the world, and also find common ground with their fellow people. 

In this project for The Shed, the goal is to democratize critique and leverage AR technology to create massively shared, interactive AR experiences across New York City. In addition to conversations regarding art,we’ll allow for the smaller parts of life to become a discussion. 


Through image recognition technology, similar to a QR code and available through Instagram’s Spark AR, anyone with a smart phone can use our web-based app in this campaign. Through the app, when people are prompted by our posters throughout the city, they can open up the app and critique the topic at hand, respond to messages previously left, watch new critiques pop up in realtime, and make fun drawings. 

The messages will be completely 3D and anchored to one position and one size after creation. Animations will be available for the messages. 


Photos By Chris Maggio

The print advertising pieces, designed with a black background, are all scanable and capable of hosting critique messaging. They’re, for the most part, addressing topics relevant to New Yorker’s commutes and everyday lives.

By prompting people with non-art related topics, we make the concept more accessible and begin to make them more likely to give us an opinion in an art related prompts. 

In our photography, we befriend people through funny imagery and begin the set the bar for critiquers as “lower than your average person would think that it is”. We also get our concept, the idea that we’re all critics, to hit home as people see their fellow tourist’s and New Yorker’s everyday stink faces.


Non-Topic Scannable

Art Scannable