I’m Theo and right now, my creative practice is all about emulating and agitating. I’m currently an undergrad at VCU attempting to see everything important on the internet, fine-tune my critical eye, develop a robust understanding of art aesthetics + principles, then break the rules or at least subvert them.
    I believe that advertising’s future rests at the intersection of action, art, business, culture, and society. In my work, I hope to always break away from tradition in order to create interesting work that adds value to people’s lives and businesses.

    I also believe that a kid like me who thinks playfully, disruptively, and of course, differently about every aspect of the world would be a great fit for your agency.



I’ve been getting really into editorial art direction lately and the idea of “art direction purism”. In my next few projects, hopefully, my work will evolve and get me my closer to my idea of what an art director should be.